Congalala subspecies
Nicknames: x
Titles: x
Other Info
Description: x
Species: Fanged Beast
Habitats: x
Other monsters in Relation: Congalala
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: x
Signature move: x
Creator: x

A bellow echoes through green swathes of undergrowth as a dark purple shadow crashes through the trees. A Nargacuga is chasing this violet abomination, but just as it pounces towards it's quarry it finds itself splattered by a mysterious purple liquid. The Narga tosses and turns, he staggers and burps, and he could only watch as his prey escapes him.


Congalala subspecies is purple, with white stripes along it's back and tail. Unlike it's relative, the normal Congalala, it's tail is large and fat like that of a skunk, and at leisure it drags this apparatus along the ground. It's head is enforced with a bony, helmet like, horn array, and it uses this in it's charges. Like Qurupeco it possesses a large throat sac but the Congalala Subspecies throat crop is black and aligned with spikes. When inflated these spikes shoot out and randomly hit the surroundings. Like a panda it's eyes are surrounded by white patches of fur, and large tusks jut out of the sides of it's snout.


The Congalala Subspecies is a solitary animal, unlike it's cousins it does not have minions, and relies on it's own specialized adaptations to defend itself. The Congalala Subspecies feeds on fruit, inside it's stomach this vegetation ferments and yields a noxious alcoholic fluid. At will it is able to expel this purple fluid which inflicts a new status effect, drunk. In a drunken state hunters can still access their items and attack the monster, but their skills become temporarily unavailable. In addition the status also slows down movement and the hunter runs as if... Drunk. On the bright side all dodge moves the hunter uses, like rolling, become dives. When it first senses the hunter, Congalala Subspecies will not directly attack, instead it will tilt it's head in a gesture of curiosity. However If the hunter continues to approach it, it will belch and begin the fight. Main attacks include a claw swipe, which is followed by a barrel row, a charge attack which ends with a body check, and vertical tail smash and a burp where Congalala sub regurgitates a cloud of purple fluid. In rage mode Congalala will inflate it's crop, and shoot out spines which also inflict the drunken status. Congalala subspecies strongest attack is where it wraps it's tail around a tree, (or rock,) and aerially launches itself randomly across the immediate surroundings. Although somewhat easy to dodge this attack inflicts instant faint with a direct hit. When weakened, Congalala subspecies will lift it's tail to emit a large cloud of purple gas(which, oddly, inflicts poison status instead of drunken) It uses this gas cloud to conceal it's escape. Congalala subspecies is a monster that is fought in the beginner quests.

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