The Cloudy Mountains is a region near Rengomu, which features many similarities with the Misty Peaks of Yukumo.


Cloudy Mountains

Base Camp

The base camp is located on a cavern, which has a stream of water falling from above and going into a small opening that leads into area 2, it has a straight path to area 1.

Area 1

This area has a cliff dividing a toe-high water pool for gargwas and a dry road for herbivores, it has a path to areas 2 and 4.

Area 2

A rocky mountain side, where the theropod wyverns gather, here both theropod bosses and fanged beasts sleep when low on health, it has a drop-off to area 7, a path to area 3 and another path back into area 1.

Area 3

A small grass plain where the lynians have set-up villages, it is bordered by trees and rocky mountains, connects to area 8 and back to area 2.

Area 4

A big grass plain, it has destroyed buildings of the style seen in rengomu, it also has an off-limits waterfall and river, here there are mostly fanged beasts and bird wyverns, but flying wyverns and brute wyverns may also come here, it has paths to areas 1 and 5.

Area 5

A muddy shore where gargwas, leviathans, piscines and carapaceons gather, it is connected to areas 4, 6 and 7.

Area 6

A deep, forested cavern, mainly used by brute wyverns and some herbivores, it connects to areas 5 and 7.

Area 7

A river flow, there are fanged beasts, gargwas and flying wyverns that use this area, connected to areas 5, 2, 6 and 8.

Area 8

A grass plain with a destroyed building in use by bees, many species go here, but it's the only place where you can find Horly and Estropoid, it is connected to areas 2, 5, 7 and 9.

Area 9

A cavern used as refugee for flying wyverns, connected only to area 8.

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