Volcanic jho
Volcanic Jho
currently its the jho pic
Description and Information
Clan Name: Volcanic Jho
Current Clan Leader: Soulicon hr74
Founded In: March 10, 2012
Founded by: Soulicon
Games Playing: MH3,mh3g"when released"

just me at the moment

  • soulicon
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Hi an Welcome to the Clan:Volcanic jho a US server clan made by me soulicon... anyway to the important stuff this clan has no hr limit to it anyone can join it im always active playing mh3 "only game i have at the moment of the mh series" but yeah this clan is a fun clan just to have fun,chat together an plenty other things but yeah as for the rules their are only a few...

RULES: 1: no trolling or spamming 2: no racism or bad comments towards other players 3: have fun in the hunt dont be all tense thats pretty much it... for rules

If you wanna join just send me a email at or if your lucky enough to search me up on mh3 an find me playing online but yeah this is a new clan so im currently the only member.

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