Soul Reapers
Description and Information
Clan Name: Soul Reapers
Current Clan Leader: Fight It Out Between You
Founded In: 28/05/11
Founded by: Wyvren s
Games Playing: MH3
Leader: Wyvren s
Co-Leader: Blarst
Member: Corran18
Member: Royal Luddy
Member: VelvetEel
Member: LostBlackKatana

IMPORTANT: This Clan Is For EU Hunters

But US People Can Join If They Want, I Don't


Wellcome to Soul Reapers Clan, you are all

free to look around, ask questions, comment and

ask to join the clan.


The rules (Yes, unfortunately there are rules) for

joining this clan are very simple,and there are only 5:

1st rule : Not at any point in time should your co-

mments Include; A) Racism B) Any kind of offensive

remarks C) And no spamming.


2nd rule: There is No HR limit to join this clan.


3rd rule : This a EU Server clan only.


4th rule: AWC / A Wiki Contributors are allowed to

comment on this page if the reasons are helpful

info or a joining request BUT Any Wiki Contributors

caught spamming, trolling and flaming WILL get

blocked if it is deemed nessecary to do so.


About Members:

Blarst = In Game Name: Blarst, Hr 32 (hasn't played in 3 months)

Corran18 = In Game Name: Eric, Hr 49+

VelvetEel = In Game Name: eel, GuildPt: 2,600,000 (mhfu)

LostBlackKatana = In Game Name Miyomoto rank G (mhfu)

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