Kurotsuki Prowl

The Kurotsuki prowl or the Darkmoon knights are an elite hunting group consisting over 30 members . Majority of the members are of ninja/samurai background including the leader himself,Kuraitsuki(who himself was titled Shinobi) . The clan doesn't really follow orders from the Royal Guild ,they will assist at some case but wealth must be involed .They only bargain with the Royal Guild . Strangely the leader of the Kurotsuki Prowl has some eiery relationship with King of the royal guild .After all the King was the man to adopt Kurai Tsuki when he was brought to him as a mere infant. Something happen that made Kurai leave the King's care an establish his own clan . 

Top 5 memebers of the Guild Including leader

1. Kurai Tsuki

2. Hanzo Hattori

3. Kagura Oda

4. Fuma Kataro

5. Oichi Jiraiya

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