H-I-T "Clan Emblem of Hunting-in-Tandem"
Description and Information
Clan Name: Hunting-in-Tandem
Current Clan Leader: Irvin(User:Silverrathian23)
Founded In: January 14, 2013
Founded by: Bianca Lois(User:Mew16)
Games Playing: MHP3rd
  • Irvin (Silverrathian23, wiki name) (Irvin in-game name) (Leader,Expert)
  • Bianca (Mew16, wiki name) (Bianca, in-game name) (Strongest member)
  • -----
  • -----
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The clan info

The clan was formed after some days of multiplayering with Silverrathian23 as a tandem.

The reason behind the emblem of the clan is Silver aka Hunter of Zinogre whilst Mew aka The Descendant of Nargacuga.

Requirements to join

  1. You need to have a tandem or partner.
  2. Must be in the Philippines, Sta. Rosa to be exact or nearby Sta. Rosa.
  3. Expert at your weapon.
  4. The tandems can be a combination of any weapon type.
  5. Any hunter rank is allowed
  6. Must know what to do.
  7. The game must be no cheats or atleast you don't use them often.


Rules for all members/tandems

  1. Respect all members.
  2. Inappropriate behavior is not allowed remember rule no.1!!!
  3. If there's no elite hunters around, the highest HR tandem will take the job of the elite tandem as temporary leader to watch over LRs.
  4. Each tandem must have their tandem name.

Rules for Elite Tandem/s

Elite Tandem- defined as a strong hunters with high rank weapon and armor, strong and having more than 100,000z.

  1. The job of a elite hunters is to help the LRs to get out of low rank.
  2. There must be a tandem of elite hunters to watch over LRs work(unless they have other important work to do).

Rules for LR tandems

LR tandem- defined as new hunters or low rank and having less than 100,000z(with some exceptions).

  1. Remember to listen to the instructions to the Elite Tandem or you'll be officially removed from this clan.
  2. Also listen to the temporary tandems and treat them like a leader.
  3. Before becoming a elite tandem, LR tandems must have more than 100,000z or we'll classify you still as a LR.

Optional Rules

  1. Tandems can have their own rules(rules in hunting)
  2. Tandems can have their own cheer or theme song ;).


  1. Bad Hunters- Irvin and Bianca

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