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Nicknames: x
Titles: x
Other Info
Description: x
Species: Leviathan
Habitats: Caves, Beaches
Other monsters in Relation: Chelo
Elements: Water
Ailments: Poison
Weaknesses: Thunder
Signature move: x
Creator: x

Description and Information

Chelonthrias are hermaphrodites. They constantly reproduce by producing a massive amount of eggs on their underbellies. It uses its tentacles to remove the eggs and then store them inside the shell as they are hatching. The Chelonthria then feeds the infant chelos by regurgitating mostly digested food with its many mouths. Once the Chelos begin to grow the makings of their own shells, they leave their parent's shell to live on their own.

The yellow slime a chelonthria produces is actually regurgitated food. The special stomach acids make it deadly to anything other than itself and its chelo. It can rapidly dissolve flesh. Even the slime of another chelonthria is deadly to other chelonthria and chelos it did not birth itself. The slime also helps to prevent its eggs from being eaten by predators, and it makes it easier for the chelonthria to drag its body.

If the main head of a chelonthria is severed, another head will almost instantaneously take over as a new main head.

Chelonthria are blind. It relies solely on touch with its many tentacles. Its eyes are merely to scare away predators.

When enraged it will extend its tentacles out to drastic lengths and flail them about wildly. These can easily knock back hunters. It is also more prone to spew forth larger quantities of yellow slime.


  • Chelonthria will use its front two flipper like tentacles in a sweeping motion to know hunters and other monsters back.
  • It can bite with its many long mouthed tentacles. This often poisons its prey.
  • It can vomit a large amount of yellow slime to make puddles around it. Stepping in these puddles will hurt you whilst you are in them as well as poisoning you.
  • It can burrow underground to hide. At first it randomly attack with its long tentacles whilst remaining underground. Then it will bring up some of its mouths to spew yellow slime before surfacing completely. It will also burrow underground to flee to other areas.
  • When close to death it will sometimes release a very large puddle of yellow slime as well as all of its eggs. It will then roar loudly enough to force its eggs to hatch. The newborn chelo will scatter and attach to hunters. They are highly poisonous and poison anything they attach too. They will also slowly drain the HP of hunters as well as slow their movements.

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  • Chelonthria is derived from the words Chelonioidea, the superfamily for sea turtles, and bothria meaning tentacles.
  • Upon death all of the chelos in a chelonthria's shell will slither out, scatter, and burrow into the ground to hide. Most of them will die as they are unable to sustain themselves.

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