CHAPTER 2 <p align="center" class="MsoNormal"> <p align="center" class="MsoNormal">My First Round, And I need to win! <p align="center" class="MsoNormal"> <p class="MsoNormal">Darkness around me, and I feel peace. Then, the wooden doors open in front of me. And at the other side, the wooden doors are also opening. And behind those wooden doors, is my opponent Sky Ricky. “Yo, the name’s Sky Ricky, but everyone calls me Sky”, Sky says to me. I reply to him saying “Oh. Well I’m Sol Kyuseishu, but it’s easier to call me Sol”. “I’m your opponent but I wish the best of luck for you”, Sky says as he readies his weapon. His weapon is a staff that is a Wind element. “I call this staff ‘Icarus’”, Sky informs me as I ready my weapon. I show him my forged weapon, “This is my Great Sword ‘Shinzo’”. The announcer, Draknir who is also a part of the council, then starts shouting, “Are you guys ready to fight?”. Sol and Sky reply, “Yes.”. “Then this is the 1 st round. Sol Kyuseishu and Sky Ricky, prepare for battle!”. I’m very nervous of this. I ready myself and so does Sky. As soon as the horn sounds, the battle began. Now I knew why he was called Sky Ricky. He ran fast enough for me to not notice him. “What?”, I complain as Sky deals the first blow on me. “If you’re gonna beat me, you’re gonna have to be fast!”, Sky boasts. The council watches the fight from the skybox. “Maybe this round wasn’t the best decision”, Ekitai complains. “Any fight is a decision. There’s no best decision. This fight either has a win or lose”, Tsurara butts in. Meanwhile at the battlefield, I defend a lot because I can’t get a clear hit on him. “This might be difficult, but this is my first fight. There’s no way I’m gonna give up here!”, I shout as Sky suddenly stops. “Huh?”, Sky says as he sees me covered in a powerful aura. Well, it isn’t a powerful aura, but it makes me a bit more calm. I suddenly ready my stance, and I start saying “Are you ready now for the real beating?”. “Hmph. Let’s see what you got now!”, Sky replies. He is ready to hit me, but then I hit him at the back. “What!?”, Sky is astonished with what I just did. “See? I asked you if you are ready, but it seems you aren’t.”, I then jump back a few spaces. “Impressive… but the fun has only started.”, Sky tells me as he stands up again. We say to each other “LET’S GO!”. Weapons clash. People start cheering. This is the first round, and I’m on level with Sky. One deep breath and I say to myself, “This is my first round… And I must WIN!”.

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