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Chapter 2:Edit

Grassy Prairies and Alpha Lycan Aqua made herself comfortable in her cabin in the Airship. The Guild master told her that the Airship was designed to be a “mobile home” for hunters, as well as the main means of transportation for their hunts, so she unpacked her things in her cabin and began to organize. It will be a week’s time before she is able to hunt, so she would might as well take the opportunity to get herself together now instead of later. Once she finished unpacking, Aqua decided to go to the main bridge. There, she saw a vast ocean of sand, gleaming a beautiful golden yellow as the sun set in the desert sky. Delex were swimming through the sand as if they were fish in water, searching for bite sized morsels to stuff themselves with. Then they scattered as a large Nibelsnarf rose from the dunes to rid it’s gills of stuck sand. When nightfall came, Aqua headed to the airship’s dining hall, where she would get something to eat. The dining hall itself was not too shabby looking as one may expect,  it was like the Loc Lac bar back at the city. As Aqua came in, she was stopped by a voice. “Hey! Over here!” Aqua turned to the source of the voice, and saw a man who was about her age. He wore a hell hunter jacket, the rest of his armor set was of rathalos armor. He was also carrying a large Buster blade great sword on his back. He also had a scar near his eye, possibly inflicted by an earlier hunt. “Who are you?” He asked, in a rather cold voice. Aqua introduced herself as properly as she could. “I’m Aqua. You?” The man simply said his name in the same voice as before. “Squall.” Squall began to stare at Aqua, and when she asked why he was looking at her like that, squall replied in an even more grim voice. “You have better watch your back Aqua, cause otherwise, it might end up in the bowels of the Deviljho, just like your father did.” Aqua began to show signs that she was irritated. “What Are you implying Squall?” Squall did not answer, but Aqua could have sworn that she heard a small chuckle. Now She was furious! She took her father’s thunderclap longsword, and put it near his face and began yelling. “MY FATHER DID NOT FIGHT THE BLACK DEVILJHO OUT OF DUMB BRAVERY! HE DIED TO PROTECT ME! AND IF YOU DARE TO THINK OF SPEAKING OF HIM AS IF HE WAS A DRUNK LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, I WILL MAKE SURE IT WILL BE YOU WHO FIRST MEETS THE SHARP END OF HIS LONGSWORD! WE WILL SEE WHO’S LAUGHING THEN!” She put her longsword back in it’s sheath, and then, before she left Squall, slapped him across the face. After that, she headed towards a table that was as far from squall as she could get. Squall did not bother to stop her, he knew when a woman needed her space. He went to his cabin, where the next set of events would take place. One day, before the date of arrival,  Aqua headed to her cabin, where she found a note on her bed. Dear Aqua, I know that seeing me again is the last thing you want to do now, but I am sorry about your father. I was told by my mother that he always was a disgrace to the hunters guild, and his death was never mourned. But I see that you know the truth a whole lot better than I do. I talked to the Airship pilot about it, and he gave me the same story you did, so I began to question whether what I was taught was true or not. I decided to write this letter, since I could not even think of looking at you eye to eye right now. Let me make it up to you during our first hunt together tomorrow. -sincerely, Squall Aqua read the letter all the way to the end, and was a little embarrassed about she threatened to kill Squall before. She decided to be ready for the hunt, and rest for the day. She needed it for her first hunt. At the day of arrival, Aqua woke up, and headed to the bridge. She found Squall and two other hunters, a man in Ingot Armor, named Aires, wielding an iron sword and shield set, and a woman in barroth armor, named Serabi, wielding a volvidon gunlance. The four hunters were sent to the base camp on Grassy Prairies, and given a Map, four rations, and four first aid kits each. The hunt has begun. The quartet decided to split into two groups. The first group, containing Aires and Serabi, would head to the lake nearby to look for the Alpha Lycan. The second group, with Aqua and Squall, would look for the creature at the Prairies beyond. At the prairies, Aqua and Squall found a few herbs and blue mushrooms and decided to take some, just in case they needed to make potions. While they were gathering, however, they heard a noise, like a bark. the noise kept repeating itself for a while, until it stopped, and then all the sudden, a pack of Lycans came out of the tall grasses. Squall readied his great sword, the Buster Blade, while Aqua readied her Thunderclap Long sword. The first Lycan rushed towards Aqua and leaped into the air. Aqua slashed her longsword at it, literally cutting the beast in half. Another lycan started to attack Squall, but he was prepared, and slashed his great sword at it, the force of the blade’s impact slicing the beast’s head clean off the body. Then they heard a howling noise, and the Lycans started to step aside, and a Large Lycan came out of the bushes. This was the Alpha Lycan, and It was going to be the first to taste the hunter’s blood. Then Aires and Serabi came out from a cave nearby, out of breath. After they caught their breath, they readied their weapons. The Alpha lycan howled orders to his subordinates, and the small lycans started to surround the quartet, But Aqua used her longsword to slice the lycans from the team’s path, while Squall uses his greatsword to slice the Alpha Lycan’s leg, making a nasty wound on it. The beast roared with pain, but kept on fighting. Meanwhile, Aeris and Serabi were setting a Shock trap beneath the Alpha Lycan’s feet. The trap activated, paralyzing the beast. Serabi then threw some tranq bombs at the creature. It took two doses to take full effect. And the Hunt was won. On their way back to the Airship, Aqua heard a noise come from the bushes. Then all the sudden, a roar came, piercing the relatively quiet night. [1] The tigrex, The creature that almost killed Aqua...Added by Gojira57'  “What was that!?” Aeris asked in a startled voice.   “Tigrex.” was the last word the group heard Serabi say before the creature of that name came bursting out of the nearby woods. The beast jumped and pinned Aqua, it’s teeth ready to bite her flesh. Aqua closed her eyes, waiting for the attack, but then she heard a roar of pain from the creature, and opened her eyes up with tigrex blood on her face. Squall had slashed the creature in the eye with his greatsword, blinding it in one eye. Squall helped her up, while Serabi and Aeris fended off the beast with their weapons. [2] The iron great sword- squall's weapon of choice, and the one that saved Aqua's lifeAdded by Gojira57'  When Aqua came up on her legs, albeit slowly due to the pain of the wound on her leg, the team ran to the Airship. They were not prepared for a Tigrex yet. Once they were on the ship, and into the air, out of danger, Aqua blacked out. Aqua woke up in her bed, with Squall sitting on a chair next to her. “Squall....what-” But before she could finish her sentence, Squall calmly hushed her. “Take it easy, you suffered a nasty wound from that tigrex, you need to rest.” Before Squall left, Aqua spoke again. “Squall, why did you save me?” Squall gave a little chuckle and spoke in and answered in a soft, assuring voice. “Because I did tell you that I would make it up to you, didn't I? You read the letter, right? Now get  some rest.” Aqua simply nodded, and closed her eyes. Once Squall was certain that she was fully asleep, he closed the door, and headed to his cabin. Chapter 3 comming soon 

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