For 10 minutes, we fought this monster. Azure Los never staggered for some time now. All his attacks are powerful, but we're still handling him.

"Crap, he's tough...", I say.

"Brother, he's strong. We need to think of a way to beat him...", Hana says.

"We need to...", Draknir says.

"...find his weak spot.", Rhimstol says.

"Hold on. I'm gonna see if the people can help. Kaminari, you come with me. The people will need you to give them the go signal.", Ekitai says.

Hana, Draknir, Rhimstol, Tsurara and I now have to give some time for the people to help.

"Ugh!!", I say as I get a direct hit from his blue fire.

"Big bro!", Hana shouts as she goes to me.

"Ack! I'm fine... I was expecting something like this... But I never imagined it would hurt more than how much I anticipated it would...", I say.

Meanwhile, Kaminari and Ekitai are still gathering some of the people.

"People, we need your help. We're fighting the same monster, but it seems our strength alone are not enough. So please, help us.", Ekitai says.

"What can you use on that Rathalos?", Kaminari asks.

"All we have are explosives.", one of the villagers says.

"Well... let's use those then.", Ekitai says.

The villagers now hurry up loading the explosives into the cart.

"Yah, Gargwa! To the Supplies section!", Ekitai shouts.

As they head to the Supplies section, they got ambushed by Jaggi under the virus.

"Keep driving, Eki. I'll handle this.", Kaminari says.

He then shoots arrows and all the Jaggi get hit.

"Alright! Let's hurry to the Supplies section!", Ekitai says.

Back at the Village Supplies section, the others and I were taking hits, but to no avail because of blocking. Just when things were going downhill, Ekitai and Kaminari appear with the cart full of explosives.

"What're these for, Ekitai!?", I ask.

"Well, we're experimenting for his weakness.", he says.

Ekitai grabs a medium-sized barrel and throws it at Azure Los. Not knowing better, he ignites the bomb as it goes towards him. The bomb explodes under Azure Los's chin. He then gets sent back by the impact, along with a few shrapnels stuck on his face. We all then charge at Azure Los. He charges and fires a fireball heading straight to Hana. I jump in, push Hana out of the way, and guard against the fireball. Hana is alright, but the fireball exploded on me and hurt me a lot.

"Brother, let's get you healed up...", Hana says, helping me get on my feet.

"Ugh... Let's go then...", I say as we start walking.

"Sol! You should rest, and not train for now. Remember that!", Tsurara says.

"Guh... I will...", I say.

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