Cenozoic Arzuros
Nicknames: Black arzuros, Thunder arzuros
Titles: The black bear of thunder
Other Info
Description: Look Below
Species: Fanged beast
Habitats: Everywhere arzuros can be found
Other monsters in Relation: Arzuros
Elements: Thunder
Ailments: Thunderblight
Weaknesses: Unknown
Signature move: Electric swipes
Creator: Gojira57

The Cenozoic Arzuros is a large variant of the Arzuros, differences include a dark grey and black hide, pupiless black eyes, arnd blood stained claws. They are much quicker and more powerful than the average Arzuros and are much more aggressive. legends hold that this beast was the ancestor of all the Arzuros, and was one of the most feared beasts of its time.

Move set

it's move set is similar to the normal Arzuros, however, it also has three new skills that normal Arzuros don't have.

Sonic Roar

Its roar is so loud that not even HG earplugs can help a hunter against it. The roar can be blocked however.

Grab and Slam

The Cenozoic Arzuros will grab a hunter and repeatedly slam them into the ground. Each slam does moderate damage, but the last one will do heavy damage. The hunter's life can be saved if a dung bomb is used.

Electric claws

The Cenocoic Arzuros will Charge it's Claws with electricity from electric organs in its arms, while in rage mode.

Unique material Alert!

Killing a Cenozoic Arzuros will reward the hunter with Cenozoic Arzuros blood, a rare material that  is needed to forge the Ultima Blade Great sword, a rare weapon in Monster Hunter Xenos.

Gojira57's Creator notes

  • I wanted to make a monster that was a powerful variant of a monster that we would normally not associate with power. That is when Cenozoic Arzuros came in mind.

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