English Name: Carnivain
Flower Evolution: Cranivoric Riculus Draeaca
Titles: Slithering Death
True Name: Cranivoric Riculus Draeaca
Other Info
Species: Carnivoric Chloro Wyvern
Habitats: Jungle, Swamp, Desert (rarely)
Description: One of the very few Chloro Wyvern to be able to move arounf freely in search of food.
Elements: None
Ailments: "Seeding blight", Status Paralysis
Weaknesses: Element Ice,Element Earth
Creator: Setheo


It only has one tentacle that it’s using as a arm. It tries to pin down or slaches his prey with it. Even though it has the ability of photosynthesis it will try to eat meat or even Insects by any chance. It has very stronge sensor organs on his nose tip which allows him to "see" his prey.

Breaking his Horn, which really is a tightened flower pressed together, will permanently put Carnivain into rage mode until death. Bombing his roots will cause him to puke a acid like liquid that lowers the defense of a hunter. (Like Chameleos). After defeating the Carnivain Hunters can see what parts are broken. Carnivain can be carved 4 times. Twice on the head and by its roots.


This wyvern kind lives in the Jungle as also in in the swamp. Hunters have also seen it one or two times in the desert though this seems to be a very rare sighting. This species likes to lure between trees that have a similarity to their appearence and even imitate waving leaves .




Breakable parts:

Tentacle can be served, claw, head, roots can be bombed, head crown