Nicknames: Konchu impersonator
Titles: Saw roller
Other Info
Description: Look Below
Species: Carapaceon
Habitats: Cold climates
Other monsters in Relation: Konchu
Elements: Ice
Ailments: Iceblight
Weaknesses: Fire
Signature move: Rolling cut
Creator: FatumCorvus


Cariva (Kainops viburnum) is a small, trilobite-like Carapaceon that lives in cold climates. They are minion monsters, and do not attack unless provoked. When threatened, they can curl up into a ball like an armadillo and attack with their barbed exoskeletons, like a buzz saw. Their exterior shells are very hard; so hard that hunters will need green sharpness to pierce through them.

Carivas are weak to Fire, but will occasionally inflict Iceblight by throwing snowballs at the hunter.


Roll- The Cariva curls into a ball and rolls at the hunter. This will cause low damage.

Headbutt- The Cariva butts its head into the hunter's legs, which will trip them. Deals low damage.

Snowball Fling- The Cariva scoops up a ball of snow with its legs and tosses it with its sensing appendages, inflicting Iceblight for a minute and dealing low damage.

Carve Item Percentage

Cariva Shell

A blue shell from a Cariva. It's often used to make mining helmets.


Cariva Leg

A Cariva leg. Its stumpy appearance gives the monster a somewhat cute look.

CarapaceonBrains 25%


Carivas are low on the foodchain; monsters ranging from Giaprey to Tigrex hunt them. However, their hard shells prevent most attacking blows from monsters; they must be flipped over to be damaged effectively. Their soft underbellies are the weak point. Carivas will eat fish, worms, fungi, zooplankton, phytoplankton, and sometimes scavenge leftovers from slain monsters.

Carivas inhabit cold regions, which includes the Tundra, Snowy Mountains, Polar Sea, and Frosty Taiga. They usually stick around in caves rather than the peaks of the mountains.


  • If bashed with a shield, then Carivas will flip onto their back, where they can be attacked with less bouncing from lower ranked hunters. Their underbellies require only orange sharpness to pierce.
  • Carivas will follow the hunter if they are carrying at least 2 different kinds of fish. It does not matter if they are cooked or not. They won't attack the hunter.
  • Carivas will flee the area if a large monster spots the hunter. They will do this by digging into the ground. If there is water, they will flee by jumping into the water.
  • Carivas, like trilobites, are semiaquatic. They can walk on land and in the water.

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