The Dual Chambers are dual swords made out of the cannons located on the shoulders of Revolvidonts.


These swords have a handle infused with malachite ore, giving them stability. The handle is curved, like a pistol grip. The blade is in the shape of a revolver magazine, with two bayonets on the end.


These Dual Swords share the unique trait of almost all Revolvidont weapons, which is that they can be "reloaded." Each of the swords contains six rounds, and can be fired anytime during a combo. Doing this will decrease the sharpness and interrupt the combo, however.

Materials required

Revolvidont Chamber (x2)

Firestone (x12)

Malachite ore (x4)


Power: 272

Affinity: -5%

Sharpness: large green, small yellow, large red

Slots: 2

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