CaptainMcToasty-Custom Monster-Spectonite
Nicknames: x
Titles: Shining Sea Paladin
Other Info
Description: x
Species: Leviathan
Habitats: Moga Woods
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: x
Signature move: x
Creator: CaptainMcToasty

Also known as the "Shining Sea Paladin," the Spectonite is a peculiar type of leviathan inhabiting Moga Woods.


The main body of this creature is actually a large, starfish-like creature with a main head, and six other legs. The main head has evolved a turtle-like beak for defence, as well as for consuming fish and epioth. It's most memorable feature is that it lives in a large, crystalline shell. This shell, reminiscent to a turtle's shell, is polished by the the creature until its reflection is sp bright that it blinds its prey.


The Spectonite's main attack is a spinning maneuver. However, it also has a large arsenal of light-based attacks, based off of reflections from its shell. There are two detachable panels on the shell that act as light reflectors. The beast can also use these attachment to generate lasers of pure light energy, which can inflict heavy damage and stun a hunter if he/she gets to close. When underwater, the light beams are attracted to the surface of the water, and any hunter with the surface in their camera will get stunned. Equipment made out of Spectonite materials has a decent chance to stun, no matter where you hit the monster, or with what weapon.


The Spectonite is a loner species, probably because more than two adult Spectonites in an area can cause permanent blindness to all nearby creatures. Spectronite Eggs naturally produce light. It is thought that this is energy given off from the process goin on inside the egg which makes the shell.



-Lance: Brilliant Thruster

-GL: Guardian Rays

-HH: Shimmering Tone

-Hammer: Pain Refractor

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