CaptainMcToasty-Custom Monster-Paddridon
Nicknames: x
Titles: Floating Dream
Other Info
Description: x
Species: Leviathan
Habitats: Moga Woods, Flooded Forest
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: x
Signature move: x
Creator: CaptainMcToasty

Also known as the "Floating Dream," the Paddridon is a leviathan related to the pseudowyvern, the Dredgonis. It habitats the Moga Woods and Flooded Forest.


The Paddridon has many similarities to a seahorse. It has a rounded snout, long, thin arms ending in dexterous claws, and a curled-up tail. It's most well-known feature is the two large lillypads growing from its back. It's body is covered in ridges, which help it swim.


The primary ability of the Paddridon is its pressurized stream of water. When it is enraged, the stream looses its waterblight element, but gains lots of power. The Paddridon has excellent camouflage abilities, and can hide among other lillypads. It can extend the stems of the lillypads on its back to dive or surface. It uses its whip-like tail to swim. When battling, the tail can be wrapped around its prey while the Paddridon uses its snout to search for food. If it finds a fish, it will steal it and regain health, much like the arzuros and honey.


Paddridons keep "gardens" of lillypads, which it protects from predators like ludroth, and the occasional Gobul. The Paddridon will store energy in its garden, feeding off of it when necessary. The beast is rarely ever seen on land, as it only has two limbs and a tail with which to move.


I can't think of one! Put a YouTube link here if you have a good idea.


-Branches of the guild in towns near the sea have trained Paddridons to ferry villagers to and fro until they can build a boat. Because of this, many hunters refuse to hunt Paddridon, as they have fond memories of riding on one as a child.

-Paddridon don't actually need to eat, they can survive indefinitely off of the energy photosynthesized from their Lillypads.

-One of the lillypads can be broken during a fight, and carved twice.

-If a hunter swims into a Paddridon's garden, it will travel there from wherever it is currently located.

-Paddridon gardens can be found in area 5 of the flooded forest, and by the waterfall in area 12 of Moga Woods. This is one of the few times a Paddridon can be seen out of the water.

-Paddridon equipment is most know for its high resistance to status effects, and strong sheilds.


-Lance: Pond Thruster

-Gunlance: Lillypad Turrent

-SnS: Aqua Gardener

-LBG: Pondcaster

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