CaptainMcToasty-Custom Monster-Gurrendon
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Creator: CaptainMcToasty

The Gurrendon is a lizard-like, wingless wyvern that inhabits almost every enviornment.


The Gurrendon has bright red scales, which, when enraged, begin to glow green and spout green flame. The shells around its neck have adapted a spiral pattern, and can flare out to take the shape and function of a drill. It's eyes are protected by a large, red, transparent, V-shaped piece of shell.


The Gurrendon has few breath attacks, therefor relying on physical prowess to win battles. Many of its attacts involve slamming into opponents while spinning its body and flaring out it's shell. Highly aggressive and tenacious, it is said that a Gurrendon could take the sun it is's claws and endure the heat.


Gurrendon Equipment is well balanced, and has many upgrade tiers.

Ls: Revolutionary's Blade -> Tenacious Katana -> Fighting Spirit

Hammer: Spiral Crusher -> Manly Might -> Galactic Ender

GS: Spirit Slasher -> Spiral Dominance -> Human Spirit


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