CaptainMcToasty-Custom Monster-Dredgonis
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Species: Pseudowyvern
Habitats: Flooded Forest, Swamp.
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The Dredgonis (dred-jawn-iss) is a new, somewhat unnatural species of pseudowyvern found in the flooded forest and swamp.


The most striking feature of this wyvern is the fungal growth all over its body. It's head is covered in a thick moss, which serves as shade for the eyes. It's back is covered with various kinds of mushrooms. These mushrooms help with camouflage and can spread status inflicting spores. One of its most used features are the bones inside its wings. It has a tail ending in a blade covered in moss, which can poison its prey.


The Dredgonis sports a symbiotic relationship with the mass of fungal growth on its body. In return for nourishment, the fungus helps the beast in combat by giving it the ability to spread status-inflicting spores. The most well-known weapon in the beasts arsenal are the bones in its wings, which double as claws. It uses them like a switchblade, unsheathing them and raking opponents in.


The Dredgonis shares many habits with the fungus on its back. It will not hunt it's own food, instead it will scavenge dead corpses and rotting vegetation. It uses its switchblade claws to rake in decayed plant material. The claws make flight uncomfortable, so it prefers to travel along the ground.



-Dredgonis hunting quests are not available from the guild, they can only be hunted after a large monster has been slain.

-Dredgonis weapons have the unique ability to inflict random status effects.

-Dredgonis can be spotted before they can be hunted, but will flee if the hunter draws near.


-Dual Swords: Dual Shrooms

-SnS: Undergrowth Machete

-Greatsword: Rotting Log

-Bow: Pestilence Spreader