Caeuprey are younger members of the Caeu family, a Raptorial Bird Wyvern species. They live primarily deep within cave systems.
Nicknames: Caeu, C.Prey
Titles: Echolocation Wyvern
Other Info
Description: Thought to be distantly related to wyverns such as the Khezu or Gigginox, but possess no similar abilities. Living their entire lives in caves eventually caused blindness and the ability to echo locate.
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Tundra, Frozen Sea, Underground Cave
Other monsters in Relation: none so far
Elements: None
Ailments: None
Weaknesses: Fire
Signature move: Leap Attack, Scream
Creator: ArzurosSkinRug


Caeuprey are an odd species, having devolved sight. This adaptation has caused them to develop a nasal crest used to aid them in echolocation. Their skin is pale, although darker on the underbelly. Their foreclaws, feet, head, and tail tip are tinged a deep red, and they have pads on their feet and foreclaws that enable them to crawl along walls on all fours and attack prey from any angle.


Their loss of sight forces them to function better as a pack. Caeuprey/Drome screams bounce off walls and prey and hit the nasal crest, which they signal to others in the pack with a complex series of roars and clicks, including the Caeudrome. When prey is detected, they let out a three screams in quick succession and attack.


  • Sonic Bombs will cause Caeuprey on walls to flinch and fall to the ground and become temporarily stunned.
  • Caeuprey can be summoned by Caeudrome, numbering from 3-5.
  • Caeuprey are highly dependant on their pack leader and will follow it to the best of their ability.
  • Caeuprey will escape to another area if they detect a large monster that is not a Caeudrome.
  • If you look closely, you can see veins through their slightly transparent skin.

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