Nicknames: C.Drome
Titles: Echolocation Wyvern
Other Info
Description: Due to their blindness, Caeudrome depend on their packs as their packs depend on them. They often rely on younger members of lower ranking to scout ahead.
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Tundra, Frozen Sea, Underground Cave
Other monsters in Relation: Caeuprey
Elements: None
Ailments: None
Weaknesses: Fire
Signature move: Leap Attack, Scream Burst
Creator: ArzurosSkinRug
Caeudrome are Raptorial Bird Wyverns that have lost their sight due to life deep within cave systems. They command packs of Caeuprey. They are highly susceptible to loud foreign noises


Caeudrome dont differ much from their juvenile stage as a Caeuprey. The only notable differences being an enlarged nasal crest, which improves their skill at echolocation, and red-tinged claws. They retain the pads on their foreclaws and feet for climbing walls.


Caeudrome gain an ability to utilize a short sonic scream, which will cause the hunter to cover his/her ears for a very small amount of time. This can be blocked with Earplugs.


Caeudrome seem relatively passive, that is, until they sense prey via echolocation. They communicate this to their pack of Caeuprey in roars and screeches that only they understand, and subsequently attack.

Introductory Cutscene

The hunter arrives inside a cave entrance, looking around cautiosly. Then, the camera cuts to a view from the cave ceiling, as vaguely bird-wyvern shaped shadows dart quickly across the screen, making nearly inaudible clicking noises. The hunter, unaware, continues to search about, never looking up. Suddenly, two Caeuprey drop in front of the hunter, roaring, causing him/her to nearly fall back. Shortly after a Caeudrome drops down behind and prepares a Scream Burst. The hunt begins.


Scarlet Sword

  • C.Drome Crest x2
  • CaeudromeS&S

    Sword & Shield

    C.Drome Claw x4
  • Iron Ore x4

Red Echo

  • C.Drome Hide x 5
  • Machalite Ore x 4
  • Bird Wyvern Gem x4

(more to come!)


Moves Things to note
Forward Bite Usually done 1-2 times and sometimes followed by a 180 degree bite.
Tail Whip Always preformed twice.
Side Tackle Usually done after a Scream Burst, when the hunter is immobilized.
Wall Leap Attack Can be easily dodged via rolling/panic diving.
Roar Used when going into rage mode.
180 Degree Bite Performed mostly when the hunter is behind the Caeudrome.
Scream Burst Makes the hunter cover his/her ears for a second. Can be blocked with LG Earplugs
Call Caeuprey are summoned in groups of 3-5.


  • Caeudrome flinch from Sonic Bombs normally or when fatigued, but when Enraged, they follow the sound of the bomb to where it burst.
  • Their crest can be broken once.
  • If on a wall and not enraged, Caeudrome will fall down when a Sonic Bomb is used. This will send them into rage mode
  • Caeudrome are drawn to Torches.

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