Broad-Mouthed Parsalatir
Nicknames: Broad Mouth, BM Parsalatir
Titles: Broad-Mouthed Devourer,
Sun Devourer,
Thunder Tail Amphibian
Other Info
Description: A subspecies of the Parsalatir that lives in swamps and moors. Because of its big mouth legends tell about a huge individual that devours the sun when a solar eclipse occurs. Very greedy about food.
Species: Amphibian
Habitats: Swamp-like areas like the Moor
Other monsters in Relation: Parsalatir
Elements: Element Thunder
Ailments: StatusEffect-DefenseDown, Status Sleep,Status Thunderblight, Status Muddy, Status Waterblight, Status Earthblight
Weaknesses: Element Wind,Element Fire
Signature move: Sparking Tail Smash
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


Unlike the normal Parsalatir it is pretty bulky and has a bright orange body coloration with dark blue stripes. The Amphibian has a very broad mouth what gave it the name and sharp, small teeth. The two thick tails have spikes and a washy orange color. The eye sockets are less conspicuous than the ones of the normal subspecies. Broad-Mouthed Parsalatir has wide, webbed feet with strong claws that give hold in the swamplands. It gets much bigger than the normal Parsalatir.


Average: 2061,42 cm

Biggest size measured (normal): 2500,12 cm

Biggest size measured (huge): 4208,55 cm


It inhabits moist environments, mostly swamplands like the Moor.


  • The weakness is wind, then fire.
  • In Rage Mode the normally orange head turns blue and the tail sends out sparks constantly.
  • When exhausted the head gets yellow and it fails to electrify its tail.
  • The tail sends out sparks if Broad-Mouthed Parsalatir uses its tail smash.
    • The tail smash also throws up mud when it's used in an environment with moist ground and inflicts the Muddy Status, though if one of the tails gets cut the attack won't throw up enough mud to cause it.
  • The Amphibian's bites inflict Defense Down. Like the normal one it can induce sleep by spitting soporific globules.
  • It can swim very well and lives partly underwater.
  • Some individuals grow very large. It's unknown what causes this oversized growth.
  • Broad-Mouthed Parsalatir feeds greedily of everything that fits in its mouth and will willingly take every kind of meat a hunter may lay down.
    • In myths of native tribes a huge individual devours the sun when a solar eclipse occurs.
  • They aren't as social as the normal subspecies and normally pair up.
    • Individuals of this subspecies also combine their attacks but not as often as Parsalatir.
    • They are very greedy and less intelligent.
  • The males care for their larvae and keep them on its back the first weeks to protect them.
  • Breakable parts are the head, claws and one tail can be cut.
    • When the tail gets severed the sparking tail smash gets weaker.


  1. Sparking tail smash (sparks surround it, different underwater)
  2. Tail whip
  3. Bite (defense down)
  4. Charge attack
  5. Soporific globules
  6. Claw slash
  7. Body slam
  8. Pin attack (it chews then jumps or swims at the target)


Broad-Mouthed (BM) Parsalatir Skull (when broken), BM Parsalatir Claw (when broken), BM Parsalatir Tail (only carved from tail), BM Parsalatir Hide, BM Parsalatir Fang, BM Parsalatir Spike, Sleep Sac