The Boreal Plains is an area close to the village of Rengomu, which is used as a training place for new hunters, much like the Mountain Stream and the Snowy Mountains.


It consists of 10 Areas and the base camp.

Boreal Plains

6 of the areas are dirt and grass plains with the occasional tree, the other 4 are muddy shores.

Areas 1 and 2 is where the Herbivores gather, these are the docile Corniceros and the protective Dynaceros.

Areas 5 and 4 are inhabited mostly by the hostile hervibore Nytis, when other large monsters come here, the bigger Nytis stay to fight while the younger ones hide in other areas.

Areas 7 and 8 is the place of choice for Red Ludroths and their Redwood Ludroth masters.

Areas 3, 6 and 9 are inhabited by Roprey and their Rodrome leaders.

Area 10 has a large ammount of living species, Locustang, Magister Locustang, Anima Royame, Lumina Royame, Red Ludroths, Redwood Ludroth, Bluestar Ludroth, Rodrome, Hypnocatrice, Plesioth and Green Plesioth favor this area.


Pinned trees can be carved for Rengomu Wood, there are also bee hives and the water shores offer fishing points.

The least common resources are minerals, there are only 4 mining points, one in area 1, another one in area 5 and the other two in area 4.

Herbs can be gathered in Areas 1 and 2, along with Mushrooms and Berries.

Area 10 has some degrading bone piles that can be gathered for unknown bones and skulls.

Corniceros and Dynaceros can be harvested for food and the Nytis' flint-like claws are useful for fire weapons.


Herbivores: Corniceros, Dynaceros, Nytis.

Bird Wyverns: Roprey, Rodrome, Hypnocatrice.

Leviathans: Red Ludroth, Redwood Ludroth, Bluestar Ludroth, Anima Royame, Lumina Royame.

Carapaceons: Locustang, Magister Locustang.

Piscine: Plesioth, Green Plesioth.

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