English Name: Boarakia
Flower Evolution: Ivy
Titles: Barbaric Blade Plant
True Name: Barbario Gajiumi
Other Info
Species: Chloro Wyvern
Habitats: -
Description: A Chloro Wyvern that managed to use metal scraps or Stone pieces to fight with against Enemies.
Elements: None
Ailments: "Seeding blight",Status Bleeding
Weaknesses: Element Ice,Element Water
Creator: Setheo


Color seeds: Health (...), Stamina (...)

Abilities: The Boarakia is a unique chloro wyvern, one of the most intelligent breeds discovered. When a hunter is defeated in combat, if he falls near one of these wyverns, his/her weapon will be taken by the beast's tendrils. The one shown has assimilated a Greatsword, and has had it for several years. However, this monster has been seen using almost every kind of bladed weapons. They will not use hunting horns, gunlances, or any kind of ranged weapon.



Boarakia blades, once assimilated, gain the paralysis status effect. However, if the beast assimilates a fire-element weapon, it will damage itself with each attack. Boarakia dosen't have any equipment made after it, instead, the hunter gains whichever weapon the beast had assimilated. If the beast has had the weapon for long enough, they will drop a "Boarakia sword/lance/etc." upon death.



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