Monsters of the Behemoth class are closely related to Leviathans, having a similar body structure while the only difference being the fact that Behemoths roam terrestrial surfaces instead of aquatic domains.

Some behemoths are capable of 'swimming' through terrain, while others can fly. Results vary from Monster to Monster.


The majority of the Behemoths have four legs, with the exception of those who can walk on two, six or more. Their appearance tends to be bulky, each part of them exudes strength as they are the heaviest and largest known surface dwellers. But due to their weight, Behemoths usually tend to be very slow.


They habitats they inhabit range from ice cold wastelands to lava hot domains. There also exist nomadic Behemoths who roam the world for unknown purposes.

Should a Behemoth be driven away from its home, it will become a nomadic Behemoth until it finds a place to settle permanently. Most Behemoths will try to find an environment that closely resembles the one from before being driven out.


They have a wide range of abilities, most of which come from the same environment they were born in. Certain Behemoths have wings which allow them flight, while others have managed to control the weather as Elder Dragons do.