Battle Gauntlet

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The Battle Gauntlet is an impact type weapon first introduced in Monster Hunter Z.  

Weapon Overview

The Battle Gauntlet is a very versatile weapon; much like the Hammer and the Hunting Horn, it can chain combo attacks fluidly to create an endless barrage of  KO - inflicting hits. It also has a superior feature over the other impact weapons - being able to block. However, when the Battle Gauntlet is unsheathed (When sheathed, it converts into a small, shield - like arm guard which lies on top of the hunter's right arm.), hunters CANNOT run, limiting their mobility, unlike the other impact weapons. Battle Gauntlet users can also use a karate chop attack which deals a small amount of cutting damage.

Instead of Sharpness, the Battle Gauntlet has the Dent feature, which has 5 levels. As hunters attack the monster with the Battle Gauntlet, it gradually gets dented. The higher the level of Dent the Battle Gauntlet has, the less damage it will deal, and the higher chance it will get of bouncing off the monster's hide. The Dent is determined by a silver Shield Icon on the top left hand side of the screen. The 1st level, will have the Shield shining gold. The 2nd level will have the Shield shimmering. The 3rd level is indicated by the Shield no longer shining, and simply in grey. The 4th level has the Shield shown with cracks around it, and the 5th and final level causes the Shield to appear in a shattered state, with a big red cross on top of it.

Hunters can undo the dents with an item called the "Polish Stone" (Similar to the Whetstone), and halve the consumption of Dent Level using the armour skill Brawler's Fist (similar to the Razor Sharp skill). Battle Gauntlets have a resistance against Dents which is indicated by the Resistance Bar. The more the bar is filled, the less likely the Gauntlet will get dented.

Battle Gauntlets are also capable of performing a powerful attack called the Bolt Charge, in which the hunters will gather energy of the weapon's element on the palm of their Battle Gauntlet, and charge into a monster to attack them. If the weapon has no element, the hunters will simply gather red energy (like the Power Phial of a Switch Axe).


  • Very Powerful
  • Can chain combos infinitely
  • Can KO Monsters
  • Can Guard
  • Charged attacks
  • KO damage potential is higher than the other two impact weapons
  • Users can launch themselves airbourne using the Charged Ground Pound attack for aerial moves and mounting attempts
  • Can dodge after any combo-able attack
  • Chop attack deals cutting damage


  • Very Slow
  • Charged attacks require good timing and aim
  • Short Range
  • Guarding can heavily dent the weapon
  • Slow animations
  • Can disrupt the attacks of other hunters
  • Can throw other hunters back

Controls (Wii U / 3DS) - Monster Hunter Z

Y - Scroll Items left / Consume Item

X - Unsheathe weapon

B - Crouch / Superman Dive (When sprinting)

A - Scroll Items right / Interact with objects

LS = Left Stick


L (Hold) = Item selection

R (Hold) = Sprint (With weapon sheathed)

R + B (Hold) = Jump

R (Hold) = Guard (With weapon unsheathed)

Move List



Wii U / 3DS


Roll B + LS
Unsheathe Weapon X
Quick Draw to Hook LS + X
Quick Draw to Uppercut LS + X + A

Quick Draw to air Ground Pound

(While in mid - air) LS + X + A
Quick Draw to Guard R (Hold) + X + A  OR

(While moving) R (Hold) + X + A

Unsheathed - Melee Attacks
Description Wii U / 3DS
Straight Jab X
Chop X (Hold)
Chop to Uppercut X (Hold) -> A
Basic Combo (Hook -> Back Hand -> Downwards Hook) XXX
Basic Combo to Uppercut to Basic Combo to... XXX -> A -> XX -> A -> ...
Straight Jab to Uppercut to Basic Combo to Uppercut to... X -> A -> XX -> A -> XX -> A...
Uppercut to Charge A ->  R (Hold)
Uppercut A
Uppercut to Basic Combo to Uppercut to... A -> XX -> A -> XX -> A -> XX...
Uppercut to Ground Pound A -> X + A
Ground Pound X + A
Double Ground Pound (Launches you airbourne) X + A -> X + A
Air Ground Pound (While in mid - air) X
Charge R (Hold)
Charged Hook R (Hold) -> Release on 1st charge
Charged Uppercut R (Hold) -> Release on 2nd Charge
Charged Uppercut into Basic Combo to Uppercut to... R (Hold) -> Release on 2nd Charge -> XX -> A...
Charged Ground Pound (Launches you airbourne) R (Hold) -> Release on 3rd Charge 
Charged Aerial Ground Pound R (Hold) -> (While in mid - air) Release on 3rd charge
Guard R + L (Hold)
Guard Strike (While guarding) X
Charged Guard Jab (While guarding) X (Hold)
Charging Guard Rush (While guarding) Hold X + LS
Bolt Charge (While guarding) Hold X + A (LS can be tilted for directory) then release when in range
Unsheathed - Support

Wii U / 3DS

Sheathe Weapon Y
Dodge LS (Directory) + B

Battle Gauntlets

Battle Gauntlet

The most basic Battle Gauntlet in Monster Hunter Z - "Ironbark Gauntlet"

IMG 0021

Empala Battle Gauntlet (By: ProminenceWolf)

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