Nicknames: Baro
Titles: Rock Snake Wyvern
Other Info
Description: A Snake Wyvern almost completely covered by rocks adhered with their body fluids. It's closely related to Diamavi and has a poison not very damaging for humans.
Species: Snake Wyvern
Habitats: Rocky areas like the Phana massif
Other monsters in Relation: Burning Barocavi, Diamavi
Elements: Element Earth
Ailments: Status Earthblight
Weaknesses: Element Water,Element Ice
Signature move: Shake attack
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


The emerald green body with beige underside is covered by adhered rocks and stones which can have rare ores inside. The head is viper-like possessing long sharp eye shields. The limbs are the only uncovered body parts and are muscular yet not as much as other Snake Wyverns. Barocavi has a great flat digging scale growing horizontally from its lower jaw. The tail possesses a grey sack that can be inflated.


Average: 4131,83 cm

Biggest size measured: 4600,14 cm


Barocavi inhabits rocky landscapes like the Phana massif but also appears in rocky plains like the Orcan Plains where it finds its rocks for its body.


  • The weakness is water, then ice.
  • In Rage Mode it huffs steam and hisses more often.
  • When exhausted the sack depletes completely and it falls over when using certain attacks.
  • Barocavi is closely related to Diamavi.
  • The sack on the tail can make a loud sound when rushly depleted. This is used to confuse predators and opponents and attack or flee.
    • This sack is the weak point of Barocavi.
  • The Snake Wyvern attacks with rocks and mucus inflicting Earth element.
  • While having poisonous teeth and a strong venom the toxin only causes pain to humans without any further health problems.
  • Males in mating season often search for colorful, impressive rocks they can glue with their body fluids on the back and impress both rivals and females.
    • The mating season variant is often target of transport quests with the aim to get the rare ores on the back of these males. They need to be broken off and then transported to the box.
  • Breakable parts are the head (twice, first the digging scale, then then the eye shields), the back (twice, at different points), the claws (each) and the sack on the tail.
    • When the digging scale on the lower jaw is broken it takes longer to dig in.


  1. Tail whip
  2. Extended tail whip (a bigger part of the body gets used)
  3. Bite
  4. Claw slash
  5. Pin attack (slithers around target and squeezes it)
  6. Shake attack (rocks fall off, earthblight)
  7. Earth mucus spit
  8. Pierce attack with eye shields
  9. Toss away with digging scale
  10. Attack from underneath with the digging scale
  11. Stick tail out of the ground and let a loud sound out of the sack and attack the deafened target


Barocavi Eye Shield (only when broken), Digging Scale (when broken), Barocavi Claw (when broken), Noise Sack (only when broken), Barocavi Scale, Barocavi Shell, Barocavi Fluid