Revalius Region (Monster Hunter Legacy-__)

  1. Drenched Jungle
  2. Scorched Volcano
  3. Lakeview woods
  4. Lakeview town
  5. White desert
  6. Bitterchilled Tundra
  7. Underground Caverns
  8. Crystal mountains
  9. Mistpeak Town
  10. Central city
  11. Primordial sea
  12. Abyssal Ruins
  13. Tower X
  14. Castle Xenos
  15. ARK island
  16. Wilolu forest
  17. Bloodbath Temple
  18. Volcanic Ruins
  19. Vast Desert
  20. Diablos Graveyard

Moga Region (MH3tri - MH3U)

  1. Deserted Isle
  2. Sandy Plains
  3. Flooded Forest
  4. Tundra
  5. Volcano 3rd
  6. Tower 3rd
  7. Misty Peaks
  8. Great Desert
  9. Tainted sea
  10. Underwater ruin
  11. Sacred land
  12. Moga villaage
  13. Port Tanzia
  14. Loc Lac City
  15. Yukomo village


  1. Forest and Hills
  2. Jungle
  3. Snowy mountains
  4. Old jungle
  5. Old Desert
  6. Old swamp
  7. Old Volcano
  8. Kokoto village
  9. Minegaurd town
  10. Jumbo village
  11. Pokke Village

Frontier (MH:Frontier- MH: Frontier G)

  1. Dondruma town
  2. Mezeporta Square
  3. Castle Schrade
  4. Gorge
  5. Highland
  6. Absolute Island
  7. Tide Island
  8. Interceptors base
  9. Volcano
  10. Great forest
  11. Polar sea
  12. Nest hole
  13. Desert
  14. Jungle

Unknown region (MH4)

  1. Ruins field
  2. Primeval forest
  3. Underground cave
  4. Unknown sea of trees
  5. Frozen sea


Reverse world

a world where gravity really means nothing. Every land mass in the reverse world has its own gravity field, and drifts along Reverse space. People and monsters alike can jump from island to island, using the awkward gravity physics of the dimension to their advantage.

Spacial Rift

a large dimension that is composed of many islands in Space/Time. Each Area is connected by "Wormhole Gates", structures that act as gateways to the other islands. Monsters here are very much different from their counterparts in the normal dimension.

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