Fyrulosor, a Red Demon which inhabits this area

Stony Spire is, true to it`s name, an archipelego of huge rock spires. Fyrulosor, Golden Alatreon, and Dukkioe can be fought. Fyruilosor and Gold Alatreon must be fought here, whilst Dukkioe has his Mega Dukk fight here.

In here, the area is surrounded with huge water flows that crest around. on the floor, it changes from a frozen floor to a fiery floor. The condition of the floor will change according to the monsters position in movement; when they are in their flight mode, the area is fiery, and will cause heat. Heat res lo or a cold drink is required for health regularity. when in ground mode, the floor will freeze; one must protect themselves with cold res lo or a hot drink.
In ancient times, a great fortress was assembled. It was built and used by the greatest wa rriors of that generation and was used for staying away from the great wyrms and wyverns of the time...until one-thousand two hundred years ago, when the ancient Wyrm Fyrulosola, ancestor of Fyrulosor, discovered the warriors grounds. He knew that he was the anciemt dragon of earth, and that, despite humans attempting to destroy wyverns, that they were a part of earth also. But the Wyrm decided to take the fortress to keep humans on a lower level-so they wouldnt destroy the world. After so many years, the dragon`s descendants had created a dragon fortress, allowing even Golden Alatreon to set up a small territory. The very earth listens and obeys them now...

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