Arctoroth(Wind Wyvern)
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Arctoroth-Wind Wyvern

A wyvern with expert control over wind.
It resides at the Forest and hills,Tundra,Old Tower and Mountain Stream.
Rarely seen because it often stays in the air.
It can create vast winds and can perform impressive manuevers.
Hunters are having a hard time hunting it because it always
stays in the air,however it can easily be stunned by a flash
bomb to prevent it's flight.It is closely related to
Berukyurosu and Doragkyurosu.

Attacks(12 Attacks)

•Standard Wyvern Charge - A simple charge forward.Does it often and deals medium damage rate.

•Side Bite - A simple bite to the side.Does it more often and deals low - moderate damage rate.

•Fly Up - Flies very high in the sky.Does nothing but it used to
perform devastating attacks in the air.

•Tornado Thurst - Performed after Fly Up.Creates a tornado similar to the Barioth.
Does it more often in rage mode and deals low damage rate.

•Sonic Boom - Performs after Fly Up.Creates razor sharp winds.Flinches the hunter.
Does more often and deals low damage rate.

•Poison Pin - Performs after Sonic Boom.Injects the Hunter
with it's Poison Tail.Does it rarely and has a high damage rate.

•High Speed Dive - Performs after Fly Up.Dives from high above the air with
amazing velocity.Can kill hunter but if with good armor it will only deal very
high damage.

•Quick Sweep - Performed after Fly Up.Quickly sweeps the hunter with amazing speed.
May perform it 2 to 3 times.Does it often and has a low - moderate damage rate.

•Tail slam - slams it's tail/pin to the ground three times.Does it when hunter is behind it.Deals high damage and inflicts poison.

•Triple Claw Strike - Slashes hunter with it's claws three times.Does it more often in rage mode.Deals moderate damage and inflicts paralysis.

•Wind Tunnel - Similar to the Kushala's wind tunnel only weaker.Flinches the hunter.
Does it rarely and has a low damage rate.

•360° Spin - Spin's itself similar to the Rajang and Tigrex.Does it more in rage mode and has a medium - high damage rate.Inflicts paralysis.

Notes:(Not yet done)

•It's Head is harder than a Gravios Shell and it can only be broken by Impact Damage.

(Weapons and armor coming soon)

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