Nicknames: x
Titles: x
Other Info
Description: x
Species: x
Habitats: x
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: earth, then thunder
Signature move: x
Creator: Democide


It is similar to a horseshoe crab. It has a long, white on the top and black on the underside tail with sting at the end that it uses to poison their prey or enemies. It's white to merge with its environment. It has a big, very hard carapace that protects it from most attacks but it falls over when it fails using its sting what leaves a chance to attack its soft, orange underside. Through rotation it can summon a snow barrier that protects it from bigger monsters or when it's near death to distract the enemy so that it can flee. It can use an ice breath where it breathes snow in and releases it after a moment again what inflicts snowman. In Rage Mode its body color turns to black. The weakness is earth, then thunder. It feeds of small Neopterons. Although they're mostly met alone they don't dislike the presence of another of this species by its side. Though they only follow the traces of other's in the mating season in winter. That's why in other seasons they are ignoring the traces of other individuals and are found alone. They have a good protection so predators have problems hunting it but experienced monsters have the knowledge to turn it around and attack the soft underside. That's why its carapace is very smooth and doesn't give a grip. The tactic of them is digging their body in and keeping still till the predator loses interest. Monsters that learnt this ability are older Tigrex, Doragyurosus and even Blangongas (but only when food is scarce).


It lives in the Tundra, the Antarctic Ground and the Snowy Mountains and is known for the traces in the snow that it leaves behind.


Possible attacks: (post some attacks)
  1. Ice breath
  2. The snow barrier (wind blight)
  3. Sting attack
  4. Pin attack (it takes a run-up and jumps on the enemy)
  5. Body slam (same as the pin attack but without run-up)
  6. An overrun attack (it charges at you and tries to take you down)
  7. Claw attack
Breakable parts:

are the claws, the carapace, the mouth parts and the tail. Claws and mouth parts can only be broken by attacking the underside. The carapace can be broken twice and only with impact damage. When the tail is broken it can't use its poison anymore.


Arcopis Shell (when broken), Arcopis Armor (only when carapace broken twice), Arcopis Claw (when broken), Arcopis Mouth Parts (only when broken), Arcopis Arrow Tail (when broken), Arcopis Leg, Arcopis Fluid, Arcopis Compound Eye

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