A long lost species of Fatalis that strays in the Shrouded Dunes where lost treasure and riches lie.


This species of Fatalis is known to live in the Shrouded Dunes which is a Ancient Desert Temple long lost in the Ancient Desert. This species is a lot larger than all of the Fatalis Brethren, and is about as large as Dire Miralis. Also they have no true elemental attack besides the "Sandy" effect which it uses in its breath attacks and many others. Unlike most Fatalis it will attack with more melee attacks and is most aggressive in the fact that in game you are having to jump from pillar to pillar to escape it in the beginning part of the quest. Unlike most Fatalis, it actually has webbing in between its horns. His only breakables so far are his horns, chest, wings, and the face. So far much is unknown about it at this point in game.


It could possibly be stated that it will sometimes venture outwards in the desert in search of prey, though most of the time it spends resting in the Shrouded Dunes waiting for an unsuspected traveler to venture into its domain.

In Game Info

In the intro, the hunter is walking in the temple making echoes across the vast rooms, when all the sudden you flinch after seeing an unseen monster sleeping in the main room. You slowly walk around the monster until you trip over a slight height difference in the stone tile floor falling in a pile of treasure waking the monster up. You slowly get back up seeing two giant, evil looking eyes staring at you.

Similar to the Dara Amadyura Quest, parts of the map will get destroyed while in the second halve you find out that you were on the top floor (Becuase the Temple was covered in sand hiding the actual building itself) after the Fatalis flies straight through the top shattering sandstone bricks every where. He flies and does a sand blast cuasing the floor to break down into The Grand Hall (The main room in the building) In which you fall and the second half of the quest starts with him enraged for the entire quest. There are also pillars in the second room that allow you to mount him.


. Weakness is ice

. Has its own theme

. Is one of the largest of the Fatalis Brethren

. Is one of the first final bosses to appear in the desert outside of the frontier series

. Shares many similarities in the quest storyline with Dara Amadyura, Taikun Zamuza, and HC Crimson Fatalis

. Is the only Fatalis to sport no true elemental attacks.

Thanks for reading I will add more later on if you want like attacks, ecology, carves, and armor if wanted.

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