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Nicknames: Anarch
Titles: Chaotic Ruler, Darkened Tyrant
Other Info
Description: Element: Fire, Darkness

Ailments:Fireblight, Taint

Weakest to: Dragon, Ice

Weakness sign: Unable to gather shadows,Body becomes dull

Signature move: Dark Tempest

Fanfic appearances: Friends Adventure

Species:  ???
Habitats: Darkened Spires,Ruins Field
Other monsters in Relation: Jogios
Elements: Fire, Darkness
Ailments: Fireblight, Taint
Weaknesses: Dragon, Ice, Light
Signature move: Dark Tempest
Creator: Autis27XT


Anarchos (Draconis Corruptela) is a mysterious monster that exists in 2 new areas known as the Crumbling Ruins and The Darkened Spires. It has the ability to manipulate a black flame which Taints any monster unfortunate to be hit.It is the rival of Jogios.


Fireball: Anarchos shoots a single fireball that deals moderate fire damage

Rage: Anarchos shoots 3 explosive fireballs in rapid succession that have a chance of tainting hunters hit by the explosions.

Dark Tempest: Anarchos rears back while inhaling large quantities of air and releases a large blast of dark flames which turn into a flaming collumn upon impacting the terrain, deals heavy damage and has a chance at inflicting severe Fireblight and Taint.

Rage: Increases damage and collumn lingers for longer.

Shadowed Charge: Anarchos coats itself in shadows and charges towards the nearest hunter dealing low damage.

Rage: Charges up to three times before stopping.Has medium chance of inflicting Taint.

Roar: Anarchos rears and roars. Requires HG Earplus skill to negate.

Rage: Causes bursts of shadow to erupt from ground. Bursts deal moderate damage.

Dark Veil: Anarchos coats itself in shadows which causes weapons to bounce more often when impacting veiled areas of it's body

Rage: Veil increases range and power of certain attacks as well as causing weapons to bounce regardless of sharpness.Duration is markedly reduced.

Claw Swipe: Anarchos turns to the left or right while swiping with it's claws

Rage: Shadows increase range of the attack.

Lunging Bite: Lunges forward while snapping it's jaws shut on any hunters ahead of it

Rage: Increases damage dealt and has low chance to inflict Taint.

Dark Meteor: Anarchos charges energy for a short time and then releases multiple fireballs into air. Fireballs have moderate chance of inflicting Taint upon contact and deal heavy fire damage.

Rage:. Charge time is drastically reduced and fireballs explode upon contact with terrain or hunters


Anarchos has been observed attacking and feeding off of large bird wyverns such as Yian Kut-Ku, Yian Garuga, Iodrome,Great Jaggi and Great Froggi as well as smaller snake wyverns and the occasional piscine wyverns that have been observed in the lakes surrounding the ruins Anarchos has claimed as it's territory.

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